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Saturday Night Openers

February 2000

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Walk down the Avenue

The Arch

We had a great visit from Tom and Bev, slightly proceeded by Suzie and Stephanie in early February. (In fact, Francimar even joined us for a way-too-brief parachute drop). The week before found us in Houston to check up on our daughter and our old friends while Dick did a little business in Houston and Dallas (including the visit to Dallas's first family, not the George W. Bushes, but the Masals, of course.)

We spent four days in London before I could get to the computer to type this up so some of the details may be a little clouded (Suzie and Bev will correct me, I'm sure).

Pietrina returned a day early to prepare the way (i.e. dust). Dick arrived at Charles DeGaulle airport an hour before the girls and greeted them as they exited the luggage stall. A quick cab ride and we were all in the apartment.

Salon de Tejas

Here's a shot of them right off the plane. They wanted a French flag in the background so we took them to the Texas salon at the far Southwest (or course) corner of our apartment:

Parlez vous Texas?

The girls hosed down a little and posed for this picture in front of our (original) Picasso:

3 girls and a Picasso

We'll end this picture journey with Picasso for those of you who expect French symmetry to prevail even in family travelogues.

Then it was off walking around Paris, especially to see the Left Bank where the Parisian young folks hung out. We stopped in Notre Dame first. By the time we had done all this, we were beginning to run out of light so the pictures weren't all that good. We finished the evening at our favorite Sicilian restaurant.

The clan gathers

The next morning Tom and Bev arrived via Cab with more energy than we expected. And as an unexpected treat, our brand new daughter in law Francimar showed up at the local train station in time for dinner, producing the picture at the top of the page and a wonderful dinner at a high French restaurant (ok, it was on the upper level).

The next morning we were up and about to walk down what we had convinced Suzie by that time was "the most beautiful avenue in the world," the Champs Elysees. Join us by clicking here.

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